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  • David R. Remer said:

    America has never been united, except for the States being United under a Federal Constitution. Amer...

  • David R. Remer said:

    Ditto, Johnny. And polls indicate more than half of Americans agree with us, they they aren't being ...

  • Johnny Trevisani said:

    J2T2: i totally agree with you. Unemployment first, deficit/debt reduction after. David: i have no ...

  • j2t2 said:

    John, good post. I also have a hard time figuring out why in the world the country would ever want a...

  • David R. Remer said:

    Johnny, Couldn't agree with you more about the balanced budget amendment. It has been a horrible f...

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Divided we fall

On Tuesday, September 11th 2001, after America suffered such a tragic day, where everyone equally felt empty and dizzy but oddly united. On that tragic day, there were no Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Jews, blacks or whites; there were only Americans. No one cared about whether you made seven figures or you were on welfare; we were Americans and we all, equally, felt the emptiness and sorrow for our nation's loss.

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Debt stuff

America has been built on debt. We cannot function nor grow without it.

In 1930s and 1940s, people in the lower socioeconomic strata purchased their homes with cash; they saved and saved and bought things only when they had enough money. To those in the lower socioeconomic strata, it was frowned upon to have a mortgage. During the same time period, those in the upper socioeconomic strata used debt to increase their wealth by purchasing more and more properties, etc... The rich knew to use other people's money to fund their growth; they felt that the lower strata just didn't understand that fact.

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So the geniuses in the leadership of the Republican Party announced their grand plan for the debt ceiling problem.... pass the buck.  The grand plan is to vote so that the President has the power to raise the debt ceiling. This new plan would allow these spineless wimps not to go on record voting for something that they have no control over and would have to vote to increase anyway: the debt ceiling.

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Okay, So Anthony Weiner resigned this week from Congress.... or rather, he was forced to resign from Congress by the leadership of the Democratic party.  His resignation proved nothing; Weiner will thrive. He will take to the airwaves, write a few books and eventually re-enter the political area, most likely to run for Mayor of NYC.  The Democrats however, in this ridiculously insincere attempt to take the moral high ground, failed. They proved, once again, that the Conservative blabbermouth media rule the day and the Democrats are merely a servant to the master.

We all know that if Weiner announced on Memorial day weekend that the pictures were of himself and that he made a stupid mistake, the problem would have gone away.  But the ego maniac known as Weiner thought that he could handle the Conservative media by wordsmithing his way around the scandal.  And since he couldn't control the message, the message controlled him; which is exactly what the Conservative punditry wants.  

The Democratic leadership, instead of coming out to admonish Weiner for doing stupid, stupid things decided to placate to a minority of people that would never vote for them in the first place: the religious right and force Weiner to resign. No one besides the religious right cared about whether of not Weiner took pictures of his junk on Twitter. Weiner's own constituents didn't care. Why should someone in Idaho?

When Nancy Pelosi asked for Weiner's resignation stating that his behavior was unbecoming of a congressman and put shame on the house, i was reminded of a similarly awkward moment, at the 2000 Democratic Conference when Al kissed Tipper on stage. It was fake, awkward and i felt embarrassed that someone forced them to do it.  Pelosi did the same. She was insincere and dishonest in forcing Weiner to leave. 

The Democrats should have done what the Republicans did when Larry (widestance) Craig was arrested in an airport restroom soliciting sex.  The Democrats should have said that it was wrong but let it ride it out. 
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