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Paul Ryan's Crusade

Paul Ryan, Courtesy: Slate.Com
Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican hero of the hour, unveiled his deficit-busting budget to the acclaim of conservative pundits. After hearing what Ryan's budget entails, I decided that his document is not a budget but a crusade - against the undeserving poor and Democrats who try to help the poor.

In the midst of what Ryan calls a budget, he inserts the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation Act. This proves he has no intention of negotiating anything with Democrats. Everybody knows these items are not negotiable. They have been passed by majority vote.

Ryan's budget is filled with spending cuts. He reduces Medicare spending by $389 billion, and Medicaid spending by $735 billion.  According to an analysis by the non-partisan Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 2/3 of his cuts come from programs for poor people. A good portion of the other cuts hurt the elderly.

And what does Ryan do with a good portion of the money saved? He has a tax cut for the rich. Millionaires and billionaires have been paying a marginal tax rate of 35%. This is too high for Ryan. So he reduces it to 25%!

Then Ryan has the nerve to tell us that his program will bring more jobs.

This is disgusting. To hell with the poor, he says. They don't vote anyway. We must take care of the rich.

Ryan calls what he's doing a "cause." No, it's a crusade of the super-rich against the rest of us. Paul Ryan's crusade will make America a third world nation.

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Paul, Ryan's budget is not about budgeting. It is a vehicle for reaching an entirely different destination than a zero deficit and debt future.

Lest Americans forget, it was Republicans who doubled the national debt in 8 years, and crippled the economy by turning a blind eye to the mortgage and banking sectors. It was Republicans who refused to pay for their two foreign nation building wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and who refused to pay for the Medicare Rx Drug plan, and who refused to pay defense contracts for jets and equipment the military didn't want and have not used, handing these costs on to our children through a doubling of the national debt.

None of this is about government budgets in the long run. It is about a Libertarian ideology that has taken hold of the GOP via the Koch Bros., US Chamber of Commerce, and the Tea Party, who view the path to least government as one of destroying government capacity today. By doubling the national debt, and creating political crises and paralysis, they have created in the minds of the public a view of government as bad, which plays right into the corporate hands controlling the election funding of Republicans.

The shortest path to ending government regulation of wealthy corporations is to create a failed government. That is the objective of the Ryan Budget proposal, and those who will fund his reelection campaign.

Years ago, I wrote an article on this very topic, of Republicans intentions to bankrupt the government as the means to ending social safety net programs, and creating a relatively tax free future for capitalists in America. Everything I have witnessed from Republicans since, has followed that not so thinly disguised road map of the GOP.

The one question I have today is, do these Republicans like Paul Ryan truly realize that they are puppets of those who wish to destroy America's government system in the name of unregulated profits? They can't be American patriots and carry the Koch Bros. water at the same time. So, are they dupes, or willful and aware participants in the take over of America's government by the likes of the Koch Bros., US Chamber of Commerce, and International oligopolies? It is a question which I truly do not yet, have an answer, not that it matters much in terms of outcome.

Although I dislike Ryan's politics I have to say he is at the least putting the class warfare issue on the table. Previously the extremist David mentions have sought to hide the battles of class warfare with vagueness and obfuscation. Ryan has declared open war on the poor and middle class in public. IMHO it is a major step forward as now only the most die hard ideologist can deny the attack by the corporate elite on the middle class and poor of this country.


I don't think Ryan has "declared war on the middle class and poor". That is the consequence of his ideological view that our government should not be deficit spending and carrying debt, and his insistence that the situation must be remedied in the shortest time possible.

Everyone agrees with Paul Ryan and Rand Paul about deficits and debt damaging our nation's future. It is their methodology and insistence upon 'overnight' remedies that there will be intense resistance too, because of the consequences to Americans in the present.

The biggest threat is that foreign and domestic Treasury investors stop investing in America's future by halting their purchases of our Treasury bonds. That would create an immediate default by America on its debts and subsequent onset of another Great Depression, potentially lasting for an entire generation.

There is widespread agreement amongst a very large number of economists that this threat will diminish enormously if, and when, America's government enacts laws that create a zero deficit trajectory which appears sustainable. So, the path to take is to create a deficit reduction plan that BOTH parties will support regardless of which party is in the majority.

That is a very tall order, but, the only logical and rational product that will avoid a devastating economic collapse in America's foreseeable future.

Davids the biggest share of Ryan's budget cuts are programs for the poor. Did he cut corporate welfare or the military? Can they honestly still believe that cutting taxes another 10% for the wealthy will produce jobs in this country?

J2T2, Any doable solution to zeroing out the deficit is going to be called by someone, a war on the poor and middle class. The simple fact is, everyone in America is going to have to share some sacrifice to zero out our deficit.

We need to move past the demonization, and accept this reality, and get down to the business of crafting budget plans that achieve a minimum of a zero deficit budget. Ryan made a detailed proposal to do that. So has Obama's fiscal commission, and another member of that team who is a Democrat. All have been demonized, and we are no further along with the job at hand.

I have no choice, as an American who has been writing about the dangers of deficits and debt for many years, but to commend anyone who fashions a zero deficit budget plan. I would not vote for Ryan's plan, as it has assumptions which are not valid, and prescriptions which will fail, and his plan does NOT achieve shared sacrifice. But, I will commend him for having put a plan forward.

Amongst competing plans, compromise can be achieved and America can rescue herself from falling off an economic cliff. Ryan's plan helps us move in that direction. Obama is about to present his plan. Good. I won't demonize him, either, even if I don't like some of his provisions and prescriptions. This is serious business and responsible Americans are going to have to support belt tightening in one form or another. There is no getting around that.

The time for demonizing should now be over, now that actual plans are coming forward. That's my position, anyway.

We need to move past the demonization, and accept this reality, and get down to the business of crafting budget plans that achieve a minimum of a zero deficit budget.

David I don't disagree that all Americans must feel the pain of the budget cuts but in Ryans plan I am seeing only the poor and middle class picking up the tab. In addition I see the wealthy gaining a 10% tax cut. If that is not class warfare what is?
No tax increases on the wealthy and no pain for those over 55. A mere $78billion in Defense cuts despite an 81% increase in defense spending the past 10 years, while freezing Federal workers wages for 5 years.
I am not trying to demonize the man,David, I am demonizing the ideology that is the basis for his deficit reduction plan that doesn't get rid of the deficit for 75 years.

J2T2, that is exactly what I see in Ryan's plan, plus a lot more that will be inherently bad for our nation going forward. In response to Ryan's plan, however, we are now getting more alternatives, and that is precisely what we need for an intelligent and informative debate to take place on the direction of our future, which will, in part, be decided at the polls in 19 months. And for that, I applaud Ryan for leading the way in staking out options for the American people to choose from and putting deficits and debt at the forefront of the media's and public attention, where it should be.

My problem is with the concept of demonization. It implies critique on a visceral level instead of a rational and conscious level. Demonization is what the Birthers are attempting with Obama. It is irrational, illogical, and untrue, and yet functions as political currency. If that is how we determine our nation's future, then we have no future worth living for in America.

Ryan's budget lays down numbers and allocations which can be measured and evaluated logically and rationally for effects and consequences, and for that, I applaud Paul Ryan, even though, I agree with you, his priorities will become a detriment and cost to the Middle Class, while promoting the wealth of the wealthiest and corporations who fund Paul Ryan's Party's election campaigns. Ryan's budget proposal is entirely an exercise in political advantage budgeting, as opposed to being a blue print to achieve the greatest benefit for the greatest number of Americans for the longest period of time.

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